log: print ISO date instead of timestamp

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Gilles Grandou 2021-11-29 09:13:21 +01:00
parent bb9da629fb
commit fab20bdb7f
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@ -92,9 +92,12 @@ static void tic2mqtt_process_group(const char *tag, const char *data, time_t dat
strncpy(ptag_desc->data, data, ptag_desc->len);
char topic[TOPIC_MAXLEN + 1];
char stamp_str[32];
snprintf(topic, TOPIC_MAXLEN, "tic2mqtt/%s/%s", tic_name, tag);
log_info("%ld %s %s\n", stamp, topic, data);
strftime(stamp_str, 32, "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S", localtime(&stamp));
log_info("%s %s %s\n", stamp_str, topic, data);
if (mosq_tic) {
int res = mqtt_publish(mosq_tic, topic, NULL, data, TIC_QOS);