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When attempting to add the Atom feeds for YouTube Channels, sometimes TT-RSS will be unable to find the feed.
I've been running into this issue since YouTube disabled v2 of their data API, and I decided to try my hand at writing a plugin to fix it.
The problem is that some channel pages don't seem to link to their Atom feeds, yet others do. I do not know what causes this.
The result of this problem is that some RSS feeds for YouTube channels can be added to TT-RSS simply by pasting the YouTube channel URL in the Add Subscription box, yet for other channels this will result in TT-RSS (correctly) stating there are no feeds on the page.
The plugin I ended up making is a bit of a hack: Whenever you try to subscribe to a URL like this:<channel id> (e.g. the plugin will translate this into a subscription for the Atom feed. YouTube uses these URLs when you click the channel name below a YouTube video.
It does not work for URLs like<nickname>.
Installation instructions
Extract the youtube_subscription directory from the ZIP-file into your plugins or plugins.local directory of your TT-RSS installation.
Then enable the youtube_subscription plugin in your TT-RSS settings.
Now subscribing to<channel id> URLs should correctly add the relevant Atom feed subscription.
Stijn Gijsen <>